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Welcome to the North Hills Swim League!

The North Hills Swim League consists of 16 Pittsburgh North Hills-area recreational summer swim teams. Each team strives to provide a fun, rewarding experience for all of our children in a competitive swimming environment.  We recognize that this league exists solely for the betterment of the children who participate in it, and it is that mission that drives every decision our league makes.


Happy 2021! As we brace for more snow and cold temperatures in Pittsburgh, I think it's time we start planning for the 2021 summer swim season. The league is going to schedule the season like we normally would in prior years. Looking at school calendars, there are several districts that end the year on June 11th. That means we would start meets on the following Tuesday, June 15th. This would give us 7 dates for meets plus a bye date on the 8th of July to make up any rainouts. We'll hold Individual Champs on the 13th and Relay Champs on the 15th. 

Clearly we can't go into the season pretending this will be easy. It won't. However based on the turnout that several clubs had for swim clinics last year, and a fairly successful high school swim season going on right now indoors, I do believe a full summer league is possible. I encourage every club to make an effort to put together a team. I know we all need it, especially the kids. 

Thank you,
Craig Uzelac
Commissioner - North Hills Summer Swim League
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